John Evans
Author, Educator, and Speaker

John Evans is a writer and educator with over thirty years of teaching experience in public schools. He is a published author with a special interest in Mark Twain. In 1993, University Press of America published his first book, A Tom Sawyer Companion, which draws a parallel between The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Twain’s personal adventures as a boy. He has also written personal essays and articles. “Getting the Bugs out of Tom Sawyer,” a humorous look at an entomologist obsessed with insects mentioned by Twain, was published in McGraw Hill’s 2000 edition of Tom Sawyer. He has also reviewed books for the Mark Twain Forum, an on-line website consisting primarily of Twain scholars who share an interest in Twain’s life and writing. In 2003, his first novel The Cut was published by Beachhouse Books to favorable reviews. After being named Teacher of the Year by his district in 2006, John closed out his teaching career to focus his energies on writing fiction. His latest work, A Dead Issue (Sunbury Press) was released on July 3, 2013 and is available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle format. He is currently working on Spooks, another YA novel. A short story, “The Letter Bomb,” was published in the anthology GLVWG Writes Stuff. He is also the founder of the Pennsylvania Authors Network, and an active member of International Thriller Writers.

Over the years, Evans has been invited to speak to a variety of audiences including college classes, scouts, honor societies, and civic groups. He was the keynote speaker for New Jersey’s Teacher of the Year banquet for Sussex County. His topics range from Power Point presentations of Twain’s boyhood to talks about the writing process and getting published. He has also done public readings from his work. All presentations are tailored to the nature and size of the audience as well as to the occasion for which he has been invited to speak. Fees for speaking engagements are negotiable and are often waived for educational or charitable organizations.

John can be reached at his email address:, by phone at 610-588-1848, or through GLVWG.