A Dead Issue

Mark Cameron rebels against his father's wealth and influence by holding menial jobs rather than becoming part of the family empire. He works at McDonald's and moonlights as a hired hand for a blind farmer. Working with him is his newly discovered half-brother Dusty who was born after a nasty divorce and has returned to Fannett Meadow to find his roots. Pierced and tattooed, he is Mark's polar opposite. When Mark returns to the farm to retrieve his forgotten wallet, Jonah, the blind farmer, mistakes him for a burglar. Shots are fired and Jonah dies from a heart attack in the chaos. Mark becomes the person of interest in a felony homicide investigation that follows.

He also becomes a person of interest to a cast of colorful characters who see an opportunity to tap into the family wealth. An ex-con becomes his self-appointed advisor in avoiding the law. A drug dealer pursues him, seeking revenge and money for a drug deal gone bad. A Gypsy con artist finds his estranged wife in Mark’s arms. He intends to make Mark pay heavily. And through it all, the dogged Detective Devereaux is one step behind, ready to make an arrest when all the clues fall into place. All he needs is the missing gun. To avoid arrest, Mark has to find it first.

Mark has a choice. He can steal money from his father to save the ones he loves, or defeat his enemies on his own. Either way he faces the loss of his freedom and independence. His decision takes him on a journey that includes kidnapping, extortion, and murder.

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